Your Web Site Project

Objective for Website

Collect all information & photos — Know your target audience

First, you must decide what is your objective for having a Web Site and what information do you need to help you achieve your objective. Once you have established your objective, have your information ready and have given some thought on your target audience, you are ready to begin.

Content for Website


If a Web site is well designed to be informative and is easy to use, viewers will be able to obtain the information they are looking for.

In order for your site to be effective, people must want to visit your Web site regularly. If you keep the content on your site up-to-date and informative, people will return to your site. One way is by offering regular articles, which is not ideal for all sites, but can work well. By keeping your content up-to-date or expanding it, you increase the effectiveness of your site. By frequently revising your content on the site your audience will be up-to-date but this may require a substantial budget. By concentrating on quality content and having biweekly or monthly updates, you can have a Web site everyone will visit repeatedly and keep the costs of your project within reason.

Costs to Consider

Web Site Address — Hosting of Web Site — Web Design — Maintenance of Web Site

The cost of your web site address:

Do you want a domain name? If you do, your address would begin with "www." Then "your web site name" and end with ".com", ".ca" or ".net". To have a web site with a domain name you must pay a registration fee and an Internic fee. These costs will vary depending on whether you register the domain name yourself or you have the person providing your Internet services do it.

You may choose to use the address provided by your Internet provider. If you do, your address would begin with "www." Then the "name of your service, .ca or .net" and end with "/your web site name."

The cost of hosting your web site:

You must contact a service provider to host your web site. The cost varies and storage space offered varies too. They may require you to have an e-mail account. You will want people to be able to send e-mail for further information about your site. I can help you set this up.

Web Design - How I can help

I offer highly functional, yet cost effective, Web sites designed to provide small businesses, organizations and individuals with an Internet presence.

The Internet is a marketing medium that should not be ignored by businesses. All forms of advertising get the word out about your business.

You can expect a creative Web Site design with emphasis on being user-friendly.

I can be contacted any time for prompt updates.

Maintenance of Web Site:

Your Web Site can be updated regularly.
A maintenance contract is available, based on the needs of the individual Web Site or you may decide to maintain your web site.

Site Re-design:

If you have a present site that needs either a re-design or maintained regularly, contact bethdesign to discuss a cost-effective way of keeping your site appealing.


Keeping in mind your objective for the site and your budget, you can have a good design, easy to use and a quality content site that everyone will want to revisit, without resorting to the use of lots of "bells" and "whistles" that cost extra. Spend your time, energy and money where it will deliver the most benefit for you.