Other Services Available

Help with Projects . . .

Sometimes businesses or individuals need help with a computer project that involves some type of set-up and design.

Some projects such as:

  • form documents for Microsoft Word to save the person time on repetitive work.
  • brochures
  • pdf files
  • business cards
  • advertising copy for magazines
  • photographic work (including alterations and fixing of photographs)

Search Engine Optimization:

.... want to triple your business? Increase your website rankings with a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service to gain more visitors, wider coverage and higher rankings of your website in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Please send an email to inquire about how you can improve your website's ranking on the search engines with SEO plan.

Printing Services

Business Cards

Professional printing is a business investment. Recognize that your business will be judged by your letterhead. You don't have to have fancy letterhead, but you do want it to be good and well-designed.

Developing a logo or distinctive presentation of your business name is a worthwhile investment into your business success.

It ensures your business is always presented in the same way for easy brand recognition. It also ensures that your business information is always presented in the best way possible.

  • Get good quality printing
  • Reliable service
  • In the quantity you need