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What it takes - Web Site Design

Organize Web Site Content

After you decide what your objective for having a Web Site is and what information you need to help you achieve your objective, you need to prepare and organize the material for your site. The written material should reflect what you wish to convey about your business or organization and the text geared towards your target audience.

Prepare Graphics & Photographs + Learn An Image Editing Program

An imaging editing program is needed to prepare any graphics used on the site. Photographs need to be tweaked by cropping or various adjustments to look effective and both graphics and photographs need to be optimized for the web page.

Understand Essential Design Concepts

Designing for the Internet involves understanding that people have different computers - PC and MAC, different monitor sizes, screen resolution and types. Some people have laptops. Some have high speed connections and others are using dial-up. There are many different Internet browsers that view web pages and the design needs to be flexible to compensate for the differences.

Learn A HTML Editor Program + Learn HTML

To make some web page coding repeative tasks easier, learning a html editing program is essential. No html editing program gives totally clean written code and for solving coding problems that can occur it is important to learn the html language and hand coding.

Use Of Javascript and Working Knowledge Of CSS

Web site coding could include the use of Javascript and the html 4 standard means the use of style sheets to handle font and colour etc. so you need a working knowledge of CSS and Javascript.

Make Site Changes and Prompt Updates + Use A FTP Program

Time is needed to make site changes and updates using a FTP program to upload the pages to the Internet. The time involved depends on how often you need to update or change sections of your web site.

Research Time + Learn About Search Engines and Web Hosting + Know Current Web Standards

It takes time to research before you begin your project to get an understanding of what is needed to create a web site. Time to learn how to create a web site. Time is needed to learn about search engines and web hosting. Time needs to be set aside for research and development of acquired web skills to keep current the changes and standards of designing web sites.

How valuable is your time?

Your product, service, organization or special interest deserves your time and energy and is a more cost effective way of spending your valuable time.